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Important Details To Know

We understand that there are many changes that occur in one's life following the death of a loved one. The process of bringing the final details together does not have to be frightening if it is understood. There are many details that are new and different that we would like to help you understand. What is being shared is only a reference for beginning questions. We always go into more detail and support following the funeral.

Life Insurance: Contacts need to be made with companies that carry personal or work insurance. It is important to remember to change beneficiaries on your own personal insurance if it is applicable.

Bank Accounts: All joint bank accounts with a spouse automatically pass on to the surviving spouse. If the account is a single account, depending on the value of the account, there may be an estate. If total assets are less than $3500, there is a law that allows the assets to be released for funeral expenses without establishing an estate. Certificates of deposit can be liquidated with a death certificate.

Title Transfers: Whether a car is in a single name or joint, it can be transferred to a surviving spouse with no tax. If it applies, a small fee may be paid to the state for a title transfer.

Deeds: If property is joint between spouses, it automatically passes on to the surviving spouse.

Wills: A will is probated if a person has assets in their own name that are greater than $3500.

Veterans: Every veteran or spouse is entitled to free death certificates. Erie County pays $75 towards a wartime veteran's funeral or the widow of a wartime veteran. This benefit is not available for peacetime veterans. If the death occurs in the Veterans Administration Medical Center, or if it is a service connected death, there will be other Federal benefits paid towards the funeral.

Free government gravestones are available for every veteran. The style of the stone is dependent on the regulation of the cemetary. Erie County does pay a stipend for the foundation of the gravestone. The non-profit cemetaries accept what they pay. The nationally owned for-profit cemeteries usually require the families to pay the difference for the foundation fee. If a wartime veteran chooses to buy a private stone, Erie County will pay $100 towards the stone. We do not have any veteran's cemeteries in Erie County. The closest ones are in Bath, NY, or Indiantown Gap, PA. Burial arrangements can be made at a veteran cemetery for the veteran and the spouse.

Health Insurance: If you have paid ahead on a health insurance program, you will be entitled to a refund of the premiums.

Memorial Stones: If you have a gravestone purchased, a monument company will need to be notified to put in the final date. If a stone has not been previously purchased, contact with a monument company is appropriate only when you are ready. There should never be any rush in making such a lasting decision.

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